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Welcome to the Farm

After years of trolling real estate websites from the couch of our city rentals, we have finally landed in a place we can call our own. A month ago Mike and I realized a dream we've had for several years, to buy some land and start a farm. Guys, I can't believe I get to say this - welcome to Crickhollow Farms!

Our little slice of heaven was diligently cared for by the previous owner for the past 30 years. In his early 90's, the seven acres started to be a little too much for him to manage so he decided to sell. I was lucky enough to find the property off market from a one-off phone call to a realtor about a different property. I researched the land and we decided it was worth the risk and put in an offer without actually seeing the inside of the house. Crazy, right?! The stars aligned and a month later we were moving in. I still have to pinch myself waking up in this beautiful place every morning.

Our farm is 7.2 acres in total consisting of rolling pasture; a wooded glen; a stream; and lots, and lots, and lots of blackberries and possibilities. We have a quaint little rambler that needs plenty of TLC (and a whole new kitchen. And heating. And floors... *sigh*). Our various outbuildings include a finished shop (Mike disagrees with this terminology because it does not have a garage door, but I call it our shop so a shop it shall be), covered storage sheds, and a 4 stall shedrow barn. Everything is a little run down, everything is overgrown, everything need works. And I cannot wait to get started! Join us on our journey of DIY renovations, restoring the land, and creating a sustainable - and hopefully profitable - homestead. It's guaranteed to be quite the adventure!

An aside: If you don't know me very well, you should know that I'm quite the nerd. So ten points to anyone who knows where the farm name comes from (<smirky emoji>).

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